Travellers Wanted...

Travellers Wanted...

1968: Sydney to London in a double-decker bus

It started on 8th October 1968, when fourteen excited young - and some not-so young - people climbed on board a 1947 double-decker bus called "Albert", in Martin Place, Sydney, to drive to London. We said goodbye to relatives and friends amongst much jollity, tears, streamers and excitement; drove round the corner and stopped - we had just had our first breakdown!

One hundred and thirty nine days later we got there - only two months later than planned. This is the story of how we did it - and the adventures we had along the way.


Ready for departure

North Laos, Nam Kheung

Overlooking Darjeeling
Overlooking the Himalayas

School children on way to Benares, India
River Ganges, Benares
The dig at Dozan
Albert in the trench
Observers at the dig
View of Isfahan, Iran
Arrival in London
Travellers Wanted... is the epic tale of fourteen people travelling across the world at a time when not many people travelled. They journeyed through countries few had ever been to and met people who had never seen a caucasian before, let alone a double-decker bus full.
If you enjoy travel writing, photography, or buses, it is a fascinating read.
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